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Wymiana Młodzieżowa na Ukrainie i we Włoszech

Wymiana Młodzieżowa na Ukrainie i we Włoszech

Postautor: Gość » 27 sierpnia 2019, 07:52

Wymiana Młodzieżowa „Bricks and sharing: let’s build a common Democracy!” jest współnym projektem naszej fundacji, włoskiej organizacji ACMOS ASSOCIATION, ukraińskiej organizacji Building Ukraine Together oraz tureckiej organizacji Diyarbakir Cevreve Kalkinma Dernegi.

Poszukujemy 8 uczestników, którzy wezmą udział w wymianie jako reprezentacja grupy polskiej.

Gdzie? – Kijów (Ukraina) oraz Turyn (Włochy)

Kto koordynuje projekt wolontariatu? – ACMOS Association

Kto będzie organizacją wysyłającą? – Fundacja Rozwoju Społeczeństwa Przedsiębiorczego

Ile będzie trwał projekt? – Kijów (9 - 18 września br.) oraz Turyn (1-7 grudzień br.)

Ilu nas będzie? – 8

Do kiedy prowadzony jest nabór? – 31 sierpnia br.

JAK ZAAPLIKOWAĆ? – Zgłoszenia zawierające CV w języku angielskim prosimy przesłać mailowo (tytuł maila: YE in Ukraine and Italy) na adres


The topic of the exchange is “building and preserving democracy”. In many European countries, where democracy was considered to be historically defined and stable, the democratic processes and institutions are threatened by the dissemination of fake news, the rise of nationalistic and authoritarian claims, the increasing intolerance. On the other side, at the south-eastern borders of Europe, the countries which have gained independence after the collapse of Soviet Union are going through a process of democracy building. Such process, far from being a linear one, is itself menaced

by cultural obstacles, the persistence of corruption within the political sphere, the role of media, the temptation of withdrawing into themselves, etc. It is thus necessary to promote dialogue on this issue by bringing together different perspectives, especially by involving other EU and non-EU countries with some interesting peculiarities.


The main objective of the project is to foster and enhance young people’s awareness about the

processes of democracy building, strengthening and preservation. Objectives of the project are: bring together different perspectives on democracy from inside and outside European Union and creating opportunities for dialogue; promote the exchange of information, experiences and best practices on social engagement for democracy among organizations and individuals of different countries, develop a stronger consciousness about the level of democracy in one’s own country and to create concrete proposals of action to bring on once back home in the different countries involved.

Steps of project

1) First part of the project will be a youth exchange held in Ukraine, from 9 -18 of September 2019. During the first 7 days, participants will join a volunteering camp organized by the partner organization BUR/LEF (following the format of their “BUR camps”): every day, half of the time will be dedicated to volunteering work in the target area (by helping Ukrainian people living in areas affected by war and/or poverty). The other half will be devoted to team building, workshops, debates and other specific activities related to topics of the exchange. During the last 4 days, participants will go to Kyiv, where they will have the chance to meet different relevant actors (government, university, civil society, NGOs) that can be interesting to better understand other aspects of Ukrainian’s democracy building processes. In particular, we will deal with the subject trough reflection on: personal civil engagement through volunteering, the role of collective action to reach socio-political goals, non-formal education as a tool for the democratic empowerment. One of the aims of the mobility will be to find out some indexes in the level of democracy of a country.

2) Second part (between the two exchanges): each group has to prepare a video presentation about the situation of the democracy in its country, starting from the indexes decided in the previous step. All groups also have to identify two-three good experiences/practices of democracy building or preservation in their countries.

3) Third part of the exchange will be held in Torino in from 1 to 7 December 2019.

The aim of this exchange is to plan concrete proposals of action to bring on once back home in the different countries involved. To do that, we will proceed through four different kinds of activity:

Sharing of the presentations and of the good experiences/practices of their countries prepared during the second part

Meetings with some actors involved in democracy building in Turin such as associations dealing with education and cultural promotion, advocacy groups, experiences of communitarian living, networks of NGOs and public institutions.

Group works to the creation of the actions and proposals tailored to the challenges of each country involved

Training on fundraising and crowdfunding as instrument to implement the proposals

Participants’ profile

Residents of Italy, Ukraine, Poland, Turkey

Ages 20-30

Preferable English language skills

Preferable: ability and willingness to contribute to lead a session or facilitate a group activity

Registration of participants is final only upon purchase of flight tickets.

All participants will have to sign a code of conduct agreement.

Accommodation and food

The Youth Exchange will be implemented in the frame of the Erasmus + Programme:

Accommodation and food will be covered 100% by the organizers.

Important notice on food: Please, keep in mind, that the provided food may differ from the food you are used to have in your country, and, even in case of providing food for special groups,e.g. (if you are heavily meat eater or vegetarian) it may not fully meet your expectations. We strongly recommend participants to inform the organizers IN ADVANCE about any special needs.


Participants are responsible for finding and buying your flight to Ukraine and Italy by yourself.

Travel expenses will be reimbursed according to Erasmus + rules as follow:

Poland – Ukraine – 275 EUR

Poland – Italy – 275 EUR

Maximum reimbursement amount is the maximum amount a participant can be reimbursed. Anything above this amount will have to be covered by the participant.

To be reimbursed participants must provide

· Tickets (Airline, bus, train..etc): Original or electronic

· Invoice

· Proof of payment: Receipt for cash/ credit card slip or bank statement in case of transfer

· Flight boarding passes

Travel cost will be reimbursed through bank transfer after the youth exchange after you have submitted as return boarding passes and all the other documents above.

Departure should be starting from the city of your sending organization. While you may start your travel from anywhere in your country, if your start location is not the city mentioned above then you need to provide organizers with some other information. If this is the case, please consult with organizers.

Bear in mind that according to the guidelines of Erasmus+ program the travel back must be realized by participants on direct way within maximum of 2 days. In case of longer stays or indirect travel (holiday travel, etc) there is no chance of reimbursement. Always get the approval from organizers for your flight before purchasing it.

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